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Mission Statement
St. Lawrence Valley Cemetery's Mission Statement is a testament to it's historical preservation, dedication to it's Rights Holders and contributions to the Cemeterian industry.
To view the complete version of the Mission Statement, please click on the link, Mission Statement

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A newsletter is prepared yearly in February to keep everyone informed of news and updates.
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Land Developed - 32 acres
Land Undeveloped -40 acres
Total Interments 6,985 (as at the end of 2017)
Annual Interments - 150(approximately)
Cremation Interment Percentage - 75%

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St. Lawrence Valley Cemetery
Civic No. 15570 County Road 2, Ingleside, Ontario K0C 1M0
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 776, Long Sault, Ontario K0C 1P0
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